It’s Not the What, It’s The How

How to: Dress for your body type

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up”. It’s one of those famous quotes we’ve
seen on motivational social media pages and one that’s supposed to inspire us to face the day
with zest. However, I wonder how we can show up if we have not dressed up. By dressing up I
mean putting on an outfit that makes us feel amazing and confident enough to take on the day.
Although it sounds easy, putting an outfit together can sometimes be a herculean task. Especially
when we’re not sure how best to dress. This is where knowing our body type comes in. When we
know what clothes enhance our features and make us look great, we can get up, dress up and
show up.
Given this, let’s consider some things before we discuss them further.

Firstly, the body types exist on a spectrum, and you may fall into one body type or exist between
two body types. Our bodies are bound to change as we age so our body type may change as well.
It is also possible that you’ll favour style tips from a body type completely different to yours.

Secondly, the tips in this article are merely a guide, style is personal, and you can make anything
work for you. So, take these tips and make them your own😊
Now we’ve gotten all that out the way, let’s look at the hourglass body type.

Note: To find your body type, you’ll need the following measurements: shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Find out how to take these measurements here

The Hourglass Body Type

You are an hourglass if your waist ÷ shoulders + bust = ≤ 0.75
or your waist ÷ hips = ≤ 0.75.

Characteristics of the body type:

➔ Shoulders and hips are proportionate
➔ Defined waist
➔ Curvy hips and bottom
➔ Round/slanted shoulders
➔ Thick thighs

What clothes to avoid

This body type is quite curvy and balanced on the top and bottom so you may want to style this
figure in a way that doesn’t upset this balance.

➔ Boxy/straight clothing: these types of clothing hide the curves and waist. An easy fix for this
is to define the waist with a belt or wear darker colours around the waist.

➔ Overembellished clothing: this includes clothing with very busy prints, ruffles, and details.
Opt for clothing with minimal details and embellishments or opt for clothing with
embellishments on the top and bottom, to keep the balance of the figure.

➔ Cropped pants: depending on how you style them, these pants can unbalance your silhouette
as they cut off the length of your legs. Pairing high-waisted cropped pants with a fitted top
can work to keep the balance of this figure.

Wardrobe must-haves

➔ Wrap tops, dresses, and jackets: these types of clothing are an ideal pick as they sit nicely on
your figure. You can also play with different colours and prints to spice up your wardrobe.

➔ High-waist skirts & trousers: these garments show off your natural curves and help keep the
balance of your overall figure.

➔ Fitted tops & jackets: these are a perfect addition to your wardrobe as they follow the
natural shape of your figure without making you look too top or bottom-heavy.

Key style tips
➔ Follow the natural silhouette: this is key to styling this figure because excessive detailing on
the top or bottom can unbalance the silhouettes and make them less flattering.

➔ Show off your curves: choose clothing made from soft fabric and clothing that is fitted (not
tight) to pull off this tip.

➔ Keep it simple: choosing simple, clean garments (pattern-wise) is a good way to go. Apply
this tip, especially when picking dresses. You can opt for garments that are simple in the
bodice and have details at the shoulders, cuffs, or calves.

That’s all for now folks! Now that you have these tips are you looking forward to dressing up and
showing up? Have you enjoyed the series so far? What tips have you tried out? We’re nearly at the
end of our body type series, with just one more body type to look at next: the plus-size body
type. Until next time😊

~ Boma


It’s Not the What, It’s The How

How to: Dress for your body type

Dressing up shouldn’t be a chore. If it is, then you’re doing it wrong (kidding). No but seriously,
getting dressed should be fun because there are so many ways, we can present ourselves to the
world. Sadly, this can also make this daily task very daunting. Regardless of how you feel,
dressing up can be fun, exciting, and even easy when you know how to wear what you already
have to flatter your figure.

That said, welcome to the fourth part of the body type series. Before we dive in, some general
caveats to keep in mind are:
1) The body types are on a spectrum, and you may oscillate between one type or another. Your
body type may also change over the years as your body changes, which is perfectly normal.

2) This is a style guide to help make getting dressed easier. You can wear anything you want but
it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.
So, without further ado, let’s get into the Rectangle body type.
Note: To find your body type, you’ll need the following measurements: shoulders, bust, waist and
hips. Find out how to take these measurements here.

The Rectangle Body Type

You are a rectangle if your waist ÷ shoulders or bust = ≥ 0.75
Characteristics of the body type:
➔ Athletic looking just like the inverted triangle
➔ Shoulders and hips are proportionate
➔ No definition of the waist
➔ Straight shoulders
➔ The bust and hips are the same widths
➔ Straight frame overall i.e., lack of curves and straight hips
and bottom

What clothes to avoid:
With this body type, you’ll want to break up the rectangle and add some curves. So, it’s best to steer
clear of clothes that emphasise the straightness of this figure.
Boxy tops/jackets: opt for tops that have a curvy shape to them. This will help add curves to
your silhouette. Belted, button-down and wrap shirts are good for this body type.

Straight cut clothing: as mentioned earlier, this body type is straight all around so wearing
straight cut clothing can emphasize this. However, as you know you’re free to wear whatever
you like. When wearing straight clothing on this body type, choose clothing with
embellishments around the shoulders, bust and hips.

Tops/dresses with straight necklines: square and straight necklines enhance the straightness
of the shoulders. If this is the look, you’re going for then opt for clothing with
embellishments around the neck.

Wardrobe must-haves:
➔ Clothing made from soft and flowy fabrics: these types of clothing soften the figure and add
volume to create gentle curves on this body type.

➔ Tops & dresses with low/wide necklines: off-shoulder, sweetheart, scoop, and V-necks are
flattering necklines for this shape as they soften the straight shoulders.

➔ Full skirts: creating volume at the bottom is a clever way to add curves to this body type and
detailed skirts do this wonderfully. Skirts/dresses with ruffles, ruching, gathers, or pleats are
ideal wardrobe must-haves for this figure.

Key style tips:
Define the waist: do this by wearing darker colours around the waist and keeping detail at
the waist minimal. Wearing belts or clothing cinched at the waist is also a terrific way to
achieve this.

Create curves: you can do this by wearing loose clothing nipped at the waist or wearing
clothing with asymmetrical lines or draping.

Play with different prints and textures: prints and textures can help to balance out the entire
silhouette as they can draw attention away from the shoulders, soften the figure or create a
visual illusion of curves.

So that’s all for the rectangle body type. Did any of these tips inspire you? Not quite sure you fall
under this body type. It’s fine, we’ve already covered style tips for some other body types: e.g.
Apple, Pear and Inverted Triangle. If you’re still not feeling any of these don’t worry, there’s still
more to come. In the next article, we’ll explore tips for the Hourglass body type.

Once again thanks for sticking around till the end of this article.

See you soon


PERSONAL STYLE SERIES: Inverted Triangle Shape

How to: Dress for your body type

Hello and welcome back to the body type style series. Before we proceed, we need to do some general housekeeping.

Firstly, the body types exist on a spectrum, and it is more likely than not you will fall between two categories.

Body Type Spectrum

Secondly, the tips presented here are merely a style guide. You are free to wear whatever you want, but keep in mind it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it.

Now let’s get started with our body type in focus. Inverted Triangle.

Note: To find your body type, you’ll need the following measurements: shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Find out how to take these measurements here (insert the link to the previous article).

The Inverted Triangle Body Type

You are an Inverted triangle if your shoulders or bust ÷ hips = ≥ 1.05

Characteristics of the body type

➔ Shoulders/bust are wider than hips
➔ Like apple but with a slight definition in the waist ➔ Broad/sharp shoulders
➔ Athletic-type physique
➔ The bust can range from small to large
➔ May have a small or flat bottom
➔ Toned or shapely legs

What clothes to avoid

The main feature of this body type is the shoulders or bust. So, your main style focus would be to balance this out or flaunt this asset in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Pencil skirts: this skirt accentuates your narrow hips, which is fine if that’s what you’re going for. However, it will also emphasise your broad shoulders and could make you look disproportionate. To create balance, opt for pencil skirts with hip details or embellishments to balance out the silhouette.

Tops/dresses with heavy neck or shoulder detailing: again, garments like this will draw attention to your shoulders. You can opt for minimal detailing or detailed necklines/shoulders that flatter your shoulders such as V-necks, asymmetrical, scoop and halter necklines.

Structured jackets: this could be tricky as you’re likely to pull off structured jackets effortlessly. However, you don’t want to come off looking like Johnny Bravo in a coat, so you need to add volume to your bottom half and define the waist. A way to do this is to wear a high-waist full-bodied skirt or wide-leg pants/shorts.

Wardrobe must-haves

Wrap dresses: this is a choice pick for your wardrobe as most wrap dresses are designed to define the waist while creating volume in the bottom half. The best wrap dresses for the inverted triangle silhouette are those made from soft flowy fabric.

Full-bodied & layered skirts/dresses: these types of clothing will flatter your frame well because they will define the waist and balance out the unevenness between your shoulders and hips.

Wide leg/ flared bottom trousers & shorts: these will create the same effect of proportion as the full-bodied skirt. Choose bright colours when wearing these as they will help draw attention away from the shoulders.

Tops/dresses with asymmetrical necklines: asymmetrical necklines add a playful and soft quality to your broad shoulders. These necklines are very flattering for your silhouette because they tone down the sharpness of your shoulders and create a balanced silhouette.

Key style tips
Add volume on the bottom half: A-line skirts/dresses, wide-leg pants: because of your broad

shoulders, you’ll want to add volume to your bottom half, to balance out your frame.

Show off your legs and/or shoulders: you can choose to do one or both. For example, you can pair an off-shoulder top with wide-leg trousers or a spaghetti strap top with a full-bodied mini skirt.

Try adding a third layer: throwing on another layer such as a longline or max jacket, can help with creating a well-proportioned silhouette.

Remember: there’s nothing wrong with your body, you just have a little more to love at the top– Rasheena Liberté

That’s all for the inverted triangle, what did you think of these style tips? Do you know anyone with this figure? Still don’t know what body type you are. Don’t worry there’s more to come. Next time we’ll look at the rectangle body type. Till then you can look at our other body type articles here.

See you soon 😊



How to: Dress for your body type

Hello and welcome to part two of the body type series. Previously we introduced the different body types and discussed how to dress the Apple body type. We’ll go into more detail about the other body types but before we dive into the good stuff let’s remind ourselves of some caveats we mentioned in our previous article.

NUMBER ONE: the body types are on a spectrum. If you have the privilege of being born a female, then you like myself know how much your body has changed over the years and thanks to biology we’re in for some more changes. Thus, it is likely that you’ll change from one body type to another or even sit between two body types. Whichever is the case, your body is amazing and deserves to be dressed well.

Body Type Spectrum

NUMBER TWO: these style tips for each body type are GUIDELINES to help make better fashion choices that will have us looking our best.

Having said that, let’s look at the next body type: Pear.

Note: To find your body type, you’ll need the following measurements: shoulders, bust, waist and hips. Find out how to take these measurements here (insert the link to the previous article).

The Pear (triangle) Body Type

You are a pear if your hips ÷ shoulders or bust ≥ 1.05.

Characteristics of the body type

  • ➔  Hips are wider than shoulders
  • ➔  Small torso and bust especially compared to the lower half
  • ➔  Defined waist
  • ➔  Full thighs and hips
  • ➔  Likely to gain weight first around the lower tummy and upper thighs
  • ➔  Full/ muscular legs What clothes to avoid This body type tends to be bottom heavy so you may want to skirt around clothes that overemphasise your bottom half and make you look disproportionate. Here are some items to be wary of whilst dressing this body type.

Very baggy/loose-fitting pants e.g., harem pants. These types of clothing can make you look too bottom heavy. When it comes to loose-fitting pants for this body type, try wearing wide- leg pants that are synched at the waist and skim over your curves.

Bottoms with busy prints or heavy detail e.g., horizontal stripes, bell-bottom pants. Try keeping the detail to further down the legs e.g., around the calf or ankles.

Also, opt for bottoms with vertical stripes as these elongate the silhouette and redirect attention from the hips and thighs.

Unstructured tops/jackets that fall past the hips. Instead, opt for structured jackets that stop mid-thigh and tops which stop just above the hips.

Wardrobe must-haves

Note: fitted clothing with a structured top half suits this body type best as it creates a balance between the top and the bottom halves of the body. Also, clothing made from stretchy fabric will follow the natural line of this body type and will create a visually appealing look.

➔ Cropped tops/jackets/sweaters

➔ Statement tops

➔ Bodycon dresses

➔ Blazer dresses

➔ Full/flared skirts that stop mid-thigh or just before the knee.

Key style tips

Show off your curves. If you’ve got it flaunt it. No seriously, flaunt it. Your hips being one of your prominent features means you may not always have to do much to pull an outfit together. Wearing pieces that naturally accentuate your figure such as X-line and wrap dresses can make styling this figure easy.

Wear bright colours and prints on the upper body. As your bottom half is likely to draw attention without you doing much, you can explore different prints and colours on top.

Draw attention to shoulders and bust. By wearing statement tops/ dresses with dramatic sleeves to create visual proportion. Off-shoulder, cowl and square necklines work well with this body type.

Keep it simple at the bottom. Choose bottoms with solid colours made from light fabric and do the opposite for the top. This balances out the silhouette and is one of the easiest ways to style this body type.

So that’s all for the pear body type. What did you think of these tips? If you lean towards this body type which clothes, are you thinking of restyling? Not pear-shaped? Don’t worry there’s still more to come. The next body type we’ll explore is the inverted triangle. Again, thank you for making it to the end of the article. See you soon 😊



It’s Not the What, It’s the How

Views and opinions expressed here solely belong to the author


How to: Dress for your body type

To build a house you must start with the right foundation. In the same way, to develop a good
personal style you must start with the right tools. Knowing your body type is one such tool.
Although People come in different shapes and sizes, there are 5 primary body types that
everyone typically falls under. These are apple, pear, inverted triangle, hourglass and rectangle.
I know the term ‘body type’ sounds quite limiting but I like to think of the body types as being on
a spectrum. For those of us that live in the real world, we know that there’s no one way that
bodies are shaped. So, these categories are just guides that can help us pick the best clothing to
flatter our wonderful bodies. Most people may sit between two types and other factors (e.g.,
genetics, hormone changes, diet, weight loss/gain) could cause us to move from one body type
to another.

Finding your body type

First, you need to take your measurements. You’ll need a measuring tape and a calculator.

➔ Shoulders: start at the tip of one shoulder and wrap the tape around the broadest point of your shoulders. You may need someone to help with this.
➔ Bust (chest): pull the measuring tape taut around your back and across the fullest part of your bust. Tip: make sure you wear a bra with good lift and support to give accurate measurements.
➔ Waist: Wrap the tape measure around the smallest part of your natural waistline (usually just above your belly button).
➔ Hips: Start at one hip and wrap the tape around the largest part of your bum.

With that being said, let’s look at the first body type: Apple.

The Apple Body Type

You are an apple if your waist ÷ shoulders and bust is ≥ 1.05.
Characteristics of the body type
➔ Broad/wider shoulders
➔ Slim hips
➔ Little definition to the waist
➔ A bit more flesh in the midsection
➔ Average to large bust
➔ Slender limbs
➔ Likely to gain weight around midsection/bust

What clothes to avoid

Now you can wear anything you want but it’s the way you wear it to suit your body that makes all the difference. Here are a few clothing items that can be tricky to wear for this body type.

➔ Cropped tops/sweaters: try wearing a high waist flared skirt to define the waistline and add balance to your figure. This also applies to when you wear bodysuits or tuck in.
➔ High-waist skinny trousers: this highlights the torso which isn’t a bad thing but if you don’t want to show off that part of your body, you can layer this with a simple blazer that stops right at your hips.

➔ Belted jackets/ coats: consider buttoning and belting the jacket at the waist as this would
elongate the figure and create balance. Note: very tight-fitting clothes highlight the torso and make the individual look more top-heavy. A tip to counteract this is to wear a simple fitted top and a bottom with hip or leg detail.

Wardrobe must-haves
Soft clothing and flowy styles suit this figure best as clothes follow the natural line of the body
whilst still creating the illusion of visual proportion.
➔ A-line & skater dresses
➔ High waist flared skirt

➔ Tops and dresses with wide and low necklines e.g., sweetheart, scoop and V necklines are very flattering for this body type
➔ Mid-rise flared trousers

Key style tips
➔ Invest in a good supportive bra. This is important especially for ladies with fuller busts as a good bra lifts the bust, reduces bulk in the torso and elongates the figure. Check out these bras.

➔ Show off your legs
➔ Try ruched dresses/tops
➔ Create balance by defining the waistline and adding volume to the bottom.
Well, that’s all for now about the apple body type. I hope these few tips have got you excited about getting dressed if you fall under this body type. If you don’t fall under this body type thank you for making it to the end and stay tuned for more tips on how to dress for your body type. In the next article, we’ll look at the pear body type.

Till next time!


Holiday Wardrobe 2018 by KV

Nothing like having an organised holiday checklist for your wardrobe style! We all want to look good in our holiday snaps, but we don’t really want the fuss of spending hours each day thinking of how to slay those snaps. I picked some of my favourite staple pieces for a good holiday: easy to style; and effortlessly snap-worthy. I am currently in love ith items from Mango and have picked items from there. enjoy!


Keji x

Mango black strap dress

Floral kimono

Washed out light blue jeans

Floral embroidery sneakers Tan shoulder strap bag Carmel trench coat

Latest womenswear collection Autumn Winter

Fantasia by KV – Hello World!

Fantasia is the perfect style balance. It encompasses the Woman’s ideal sillouette: stylish, practical, comfortable and romantic. This collection boasts of trendy and flattering cuts; for every occasion; with comfort fit and a feminine and exotic touch on the fabric. Every touch, every stride in a Fantasia piece is magnificent, bold and adventurous.

This is the designer’s first collection away from her afri-western signature mix. Keji explores the different ways to add exotic and artistic patterns to every day wear. There’s something for everyone.


What They Said: #madewithlovebykv

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“Thank you for introducing me to KV! I love the overall concept and attention to detail and the customer’s needs that’s considered in the development of each piece! I personally love traditional African pieces and textiles, I find them to be quite unique, special, and down right beautiful! The fact that the brand focuses on embracing the culture, while still seeking to include and represent everyone, is special in itself! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty; I really enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week ahead!”

“I think they could be a strong brand, because of the ethnic with touch of modern style. Nice collection!”

“What a stunning collection! I can totally see inspirations from classic African garments- which I’ve always been a huge fan of! And if its sustainable that’s amazing!! I’m drooling over all of these colourful prints.”

Many thanks for Marianne Sophia for sharing this collection on her site! []


love, Keji

#madewithlovebykv Collection – Launches June 2016


The second collection by Keji Victoria (KV), officially launches on the 13th June 2016. #madewithlovebylove, as it’s name suggests, was a curation of personal creative journeys over the past years by Keji Ewuosho, founder and designer of KV. The designer prides herself in being involved in every step of the design and making process of each piece. Sustainable fashion is also at the heart of this collection; each piece is hand made, and the fabrics are sourced from African businesses.

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New features in the latest collection include:

  • Real model size for guidance
  • Plain colour options available to customise your order
  • Easy-to-access Size chart

‘Being a part of the whole making of the collection; from sketching to sampling, means that every piece has my customer in mind. What makes the KV person comfortable, bold, and unique? Personal touch sometimes gets compromised when making multiple pieces and we sometimes get too focused on following a theme or following trends that do not necessarily reflect our customers needs. My second KV collection goes against the norm- there is love behind every piece!’

– Keji

All pieces from the #madewithlovebykv comes with special after-care label, and carefully packaged.

Select your chosen fabric colour for your KV design.
Select your chosen fabric colour for your KV design.

Collections Launch!

I’m so excited to be launching my first three collections!

What’s so unique about the KV Brand is that our emphasis on creativity puts our customers in the driving seat of their wardrobe. KV Designs are not mass-produced so we work harder at designing and putting some TLC in each clothing item than in making them all look the same. Because no KV woman is the same.

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