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Fantasia by KV – Hello World!

Fantasia is the perfect style balance. It encompasses the Woman’s ideal sillouette: stylish, practical, comfortable and romantic. This collection boasts of trendy and flattering cuts; for every occasion; with comfort fit and a feminine and exotic touch on the fabric. Every touch, every stride in a Fantasia piece is magnificent, bold and adventurous.

This is the designer’s first collection away from her afri-western signature mix. Keji explores the different ways to add exotic and artistic patterns to every day wear. There’s something for everyone.


What They Said: #madewithlovebykv

Some Reviews Are In! Check out what the public is saying about the #madewithlovebykv collection! Check it out today…


“Loving her unique designs!”

“This collection is beyond gorgeous. I absolutely love the use of color and print.”

“Wow! The designs are truly beautiful and stunning! I love how she is inspired by her hometown and how she is able to help her community.”

“Love gorgeous, conscious fashion like this- awesome.”

“Thank you for introducing me to KV! I love the overall concept and attention to detail and the customer’s needs that’s considered in the development of each piece! I personally love traditional African pieces and textiles, I find them to be quite unique, special, and down right beautiful! The fact that the brand focuses on embracing the culture, while still seeking to include and represent everyone, is special in itself! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty; I really enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week ahead!”

“I think they could be a strong brand, because of the ethnic with touch of modern style. Nice collection!”

“What a stunning collection! I can totally see inspirations from classic African garments- which I’ve always been a huge fan of! And if its sustainable that’s amazing!! I’m drooling over all of these colourful prints.”

Many thanks for Marianne Sophia for sharing this collection on her site! []


love, Keji

#madewithlovebykv Collection – Launches June 2016


The second collection by Keji Victoria (KV), officially launches on the 13th June 2016. #madewithlovebylove, as it’s name suggests, was a curation of personal creative journeys over the past years by Keji Ewuosho, founder and designer of KV. The designer prides herself in being involved in every step of the design and making process of each piece. Sustainable fashion is also at the heart of this collection; each piece is hand made, and the fabrics are sourced from African businesses.

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New features in the latest collection include:

  • Real model size for guidance
  • Plain colour options available to customise your order
  • Easy-to-access Size chart

‘Being a part of the whole making of the collection; from sketching to sampling, means that every piece has my customer in mind. What makes the KV person comfortable, bold, and unique? Personal touch sometimes gets compromised when making multiple pieces and we sometimes get too focused on following a theme or following trends that do not necessarily reflect our customers needs. My second KV collection goes against the norm- there is love behind every piece!’

– Keji

All pieces from the #madewithlovebykv comes with special after-care label, and carefully packaged.

Select your chosen fabric colour for your KV design.
Select your chosen fabric colour for your KV design.

Collections Launch!

I’m so excited to be launching my first three collections!

What’s so unique about the KV Brand is that our emphasis on creativity puts our customers in the driving seat of their wardrobe. KV Designs are not mass-produced so we work harder at designing and putting some TLC in each clothing item than in making them all look the same. Because no KV woman is the same.

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How to Custom Order:

Browse the Collection Look-books and select a design noting the Order Number (KV000), choose the main fabric print noting the DaViva Number (DV000) – and select another optional fabric (FAB000).

Use these codes in the Contact to Order form.